Precision Machining for Niagara Falls, New YorkPrecision machining is all about using a variety of machines to accurately remove material from raw stock, shaping it into a product or component that can be assembled into a more complex product or system.

At Excell Solutions, we can provide unmatched precision machining for Niagara Falls, New York, including turning, milling, and drilling:

  • Turning uses equipment such as lathes to spin the material against a cutting tool
  • Milling uses a rotating cutting tool called an endmill to cut the material
  • Drilling uses a rotating cutter, usually a drill press but sometimes a CNC mill or lathe to create or refine holes in the material

Lathe machines are most commonly used for creating circular components. Using a single point tool mounted on its axis, a lathe performs precision machining processes such as threading, knurling, facing, turning or sanding.

Milling machines make shapes like squares, convex, slotted, rectangles, and much more. Niagara Falls, New York precision machining is ideal for creating virtually any hole shape in subtractive manufacturing. Precise holes can be made using specific attachments for the part to be made. A versatile tool, the mill can be a small machine that mounts on a table or a large one that sits on the floor.

The expert Niagara Falls, New York precision machining team here at Excell can help turn great ideas into great products with precision machining for Niagara Falls, New York. Our engineering department will work with you to troubleshoot and fine tune your design for maximum manufacturing efficiency to save you time and money with precision machining for North Niagara Falls, New York. We can recommend materials and either work from your CAD drawings or help you to write up production specifications for your prototype. Once your final design is tested and complete we will produce the parts of the finished product to meeting your timetable and budget.

For over a quarter century, Excell Solutions has been providing Niagara Falls, New York with precision machining. From troubleshooting the initial design to delivering a perfectly machined product, our highly skilled and experienced team will exceed your expectations.

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