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3D Profiling

Excell’s 3d milling capabilities are especially useful for customers when parts require complex geometries and helps when parts are too complex to be rendered accurately to a drawing. We are able to work directly from CAD models so, when appropriate, our customers do not need to create finished drawings for complex parts. This often helps when milled parts are designed with the complex curves and dimensions.

This ability allows customers to ask for what they truly need for functionality, or desired aesthetics. Sometimes, parts are redesigned to fit what is thought to be a manufacturer’s limitations, we fix that. At Excell, we believe you should be able to design your part the way you need it to be, with less manufacturing limitations.

Precision critical parts are a standard for us and complex or unique requests are common. Excell has 4th axis machining capability and machines with spindle speeds up to 24,000 RPM. This allows for immensely fine detail and complexity so parts can de designed the way they need to be. With us, you have the range to design what you really need and keep the tolerances you need.

We are ITAR registered and ISO certified. Quality is our number one priority.