Here we are machining a very delicate propeller. This machine is capable of spinning at 24,000 RPM, which allows us to create very fine detail with very small tools, quickly.

The propeller has complex and critical surfaces that can’t be conveyed with a drawing. This part was created exclusively from a 3d model. The blades are 0.040” (40 thousandths of an inch) thick at their thickest point. This required special processing of the parts to capture the critical features.

Because of the precision of the machine and the careful programming and special tooling used on these parts, they require very little processing after they are removed from the machine. Not only does this machine create extremely precise components, this part is being created for approximately ½ the cost of what the customer was paying for a cast part.

With our highly skilled machinists and our technical capabilities, we can take your difficult parts and produce them to the standards you require, very economically.

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