We have included a few photos below of a recently completed frame project. These frames are used in semiconductor equipment. As such, the frames need to be very precise and very clean. The welds need to be very smooth, essentially invisible.

Because Excell Solutions has a very large machining capacity, we precisely machine each component prior to welding. This ensures that the frame components fit together better. Our welding department does not have to compensate for gaps or interference’s that can occur when the preparation of components isn’t given the attention it requires. This means that our joints are tighter, smoother, stronger and more aesthetic.

As a fully integrated shop, we have a wide variety of tools at our disposal when we’re creating your frames. For example, many frames require large plates for equipment mounting surfaces, etc. We have an abrasive waterjet that can easily cut steel plates up to 6” thick. This allows us to create precise platforms in your frames for accurately mounting components. With our large machining capability, the creation of any brackets or other precise components is also fully under our control. We also have a full sheet metal shop, so we can create any sheet metal components that need to be integrated into your frames.

We have several large welding tables to ensure flatness and squareness of your frames.

We have both TIG and MIG welders allowing us to adapt our welding processes to the specific requirements of your frame.

Our skilled welders, machinists and sheet metal technicians have experience in a wide variety of materials. Aluminum frames are no problem for us.

If you’re not fully satisfied with your current frame supplier, or you simply want one-stop shopping for your frame, sheet metal and machining needs, give us a call. We’d be glad to discuss your needs with you and determine if we’re the right answer to your problems.

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