A local robotics start up company was developing a sophisticated robot for use in a variety of Homeland Security applications. They had a solid mobile platform (base) to support the arm, but they needed to quickly create and debug the arm. In this case, the arm is everything from the black plate mounted to the base and up.

To simplify the process of bringing this idea to life, they were looking for a partner that had all the capabilities required to fabricate a wide variety components from a wide variety of materials. Excell Solutions was able to provide that assistance. We made all of the fabricated components used in this arm. Components included: Heavy gage water jetted and bent aluminum plates, weather tight control boxes, and many machined components from aluminum, steel and Delrin.

Because this arm had 8 joints, many very precise fits and locations were required. In addition, weight was a factor. Because of these requirements, a lot of complex and precise parts needed. This required fabricating some of the parts with very different processes such as forming sheet metal parts and then post machining them.

Excell Solutions was there for the debug and tweaking of the design, which required tweaking some of the components. The end result was that the arm performed great.

Robot Arm by Excelle Solutions


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