In November, Excell Solutions acquired another prototype machine shop. We now have 3 self-sufficient prototype cells. This dedicated prototype capacity gives us more flexibility to react to customers’ urgent needs. This is especially critical in the time sensitive development phase of projects.

Our new cell has (2) 3 axis CNC controlled milling machines and a CNC Lathe. It is manned by a machinist with over 25 years’ experience making difficult parts from a wide variety of materials.

These prototype cells play a solid role in the integrated team that Excell Solutions has built. Because we have people that are skilled in preparing raw stock for the prototype cells and others that efficiently coordinate post processes such as plating, these skilled machinists can focus on their areas of expertise. Frequently, customers’ development projects create production products which require larger quantities of components. We can then smoothly transition those to our many machining centers or turn-mills.

Our goal is to be your partner, producing the parts you need, when you need them, in the quantities you need them, for the entire product cycle.
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