Excells high precision welding department allows our customers to bring together more parts – sheet metal & machined- and more complex projects in less time with less suppliers needed. Many customers are lead to believe that to keep quality high, they must get their machined or sheet metal parts at separate facilities, then welded at another. Fortunately for our customers, this is not a complication they run into.

For many shops, welding is an add-on or after thought. Not with us. We have specialized skilled welders solely dedicated to welding and perfecting seams. We work with a variety of metals, from aluminum to tungsten, and have been able to successfully complete projects with water tight and gas tight requirements.

When completing a project through Excell, customers can reduce their supplier base, reducing lead times. By cutting out shipping between multiple suppliers, the risk of damage in transit is greatly reduced while quality responsibility is increased. Parts and projects are delivered to you complete, plated, and, when necessary, tested.

We are ITAR registered and ISO certified. Quality is our number one priority.

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ITAR Registered ISO:9001