Precision metal machining enables companies to utilize high-quality, consistent, and accurate metal components in their manufacturing processes to produce equally high-quality, consistent end products for sale.

If you require precision metal machining for Spring Valley, New York, Excell Solutions can help you. Our highly-experienced precision metal machining specialists provide a number of advantages to manufacturers and assembly houses, including:

  • Operational efficiency Computer-controlled machining optimizes efficiency through automation. That, in turn, reduces production costs and increases product quality for greater operational efficiency on the production floor.
  • Faster production Automated precision metal machining performs repeatable tasks with greater speed and accuracy for overall faster production and reduced turn-around time.
  • Reduced production costs Automated machining, known in the industry as computer-numerical-control (CNC) machining, produces less waste material, requires less labor, minimizes errors and reduces risk, which can all contribute to a substantial reduction in overall production costs.

Modern industrial technologies have reshaped how industries function and produce virtually every product – from appliances to aircraft. Precision metal machining is an essential manufacturing process many companies employ to achieve dimensional accuracy, part-to-part consistency, and the highest-quality end products. It’s critical to many industries including aeronautics and aerospace, medical device manufacturing, nano-technology, and metrology.

The Spring Valley, New York precision metal machining specialists here at Excell can help turn your great ideas into great products — our engineering department will work with you to troubleshoot and fine tune your design for maximum manufacturing efficiency. From troubleshooting the initial design to delivering a perfectly machined product, our highly skilled and experienced team will not only meet, but exceed your expectations. 

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