Design engineers and machinists are familiar with classic turning machines such as lathes that symmetrically shape material spinning on a rotating axis. In fact, the lathe is considered by many as the original turning machine for Hempstead, New York and a mainstay in many shops. 

However, turning machines have been vastly improved over the years and today advanced machine shops such as Excell Solutions have evolved beyond the Hempstead, New York turning machine and invested in mill/turn machines – commonly called turn mills – that are hybrid computer numerical control (CNC) machines that combine both milling, which rotates the tool, and turning, which rotates the workpiece. This tool is far more flexible and capable of performing highly complex operations faster and more accurately than traditional turning machines. 

In fact, we’ve invested in several high powered, high precision Mori Seiki and Mazak turn mills that provide our clients with a number of benefits, including:

  • Ability to machine more complex parts  Mill/turn machines are able to create more complex and intricate parts without needing to transfer the part from one Hempstead, New York turning machine to another. This enables us to take on more complex and higher precision jobs that other shops are unable to do. 
  • Faster operations  Because turn mills can complete four operations simultaneously, total time to create each part is significantly reduced. Turn mills can also be set up more quickly than other machines and no time is wasted transferring workpieces. 
  • Higher accuracy  Because parts can be machined with one setup, mill/turn machining introduces less margin for error from parts being adjusted frequently or being set up multiple times. Minimizing the need to reposition parts and tools produces more precise results, which also reduces scrap and the added expense of reworks.  
  • Menial task automation  Our newer, hybrid CNC turn mills provide more built-in automation than traditional machining equipment. Tasks like loading material, probing, and removing parts from a more advanced Hempstead, New York turning machine are done automatically, freeing up the machinist’s time to do other more interesting and value-added activities.  

This kind of sophisticated turning machine for Hempstead, New York enables our customers to design their parts with the tolerances and complexity they need. While other machines perform a single function, our mill/turn machines can accomplish up to four operations at the same time without moving workpieces from machine to machine, reducing the risk of error and damage while preserving critical tolerances. 

To learn more about how our state-of-the-art turn milling can improve your products and their performance, contact the Hempstead, New York turning machine experts here at Excell Solutions.


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