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Virtually every new product starts with a prototype. Skilled prototyping services are vital for creating accurate, precise models of a new product so that it can be evaluated and modified prior to committing to further development and manufacturing.

Excell Solutions provides prototyping services for the region to produce high-quality prototypes that can help companies address five critical areas:

  • Design presentation
  • Design evaluation and testing
  • Identification of design problems or issues
  • Production cost determination
  • Patent application support

Our prototyping services include a wide range of material preparation and component development, including sheet metal fabrication, milling, and welding. By creating a quality prototype, we help customers better visualize the product they are developing. Prototyping services enable them to better comprehend what they’re designing and how it will actually work.

Because a prototype is a preliminary model of the actual product, it’s possible to make cost-effective changes early on, before the development process is too far along — early changes help companies achieve their goals faster. Depending on your concepts and requirements, you can opt for a simpler, conceptual prototype early in the design phase, which is accurate in size and shape but has limited functionality. However, depending on the product’s function or complexity, you might need prototyping services that yield a fully-operational prototype from the very beginning to quickly determine if it will work as intended. We can provide either or both.

Remember, prototyping services are just a starting point. Once you have a prototype in hand, it’s time to analyze it carefully and make any needed adjustments before moving on to the increasingly complex and potentially costly steps necessary to take a product to manufacturing scale and eventual launch.

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