Today’s increasingly complex mechanical and electromechanical systems are requiring increasingly more sophisticated and smaller components. This, in turn, requires machining that was nearly impossible to do decades ago using analog machine tools. Fortunately, today there is precision CNC machining that enables manufacturers to produce more sophisticated products with components that can be made more accurately, reliably, and repeatably with digital technology.

There are many benefits associated with New Rochelle, New York, MA precision CNC machining

  • Manufacturing cost savings
  • Increased production speed
  • Improved safety
  • Significantly more accurate and efficient production

So what is precision CNC machining? It’s a parts production system featuring two fundamental components: a computer and a machine tool. The latter can be a milling, cutting, drilling machine tool, because the process is suitable for a wide range of manufacturing tasks. The computer sends instructions through a sequence of numbers, called algorithms, to a machine tool in a process known as “computer numerical control”, or CNC.

Fortunately, CNC machining  is done using preprogrammed software uploaded to the computer so that the operator simply has to press a couple of keys to begin what is often an exceedingly complex production process. In fact, the entire fabrication process within a CNC machine is automated — the machine operator is not even involved. This fosters a safe production environment because the machine does all the work without anyone having to be present. CNC machining is so accurate that it rarely poses any safety risks. 

Precision CNC machining for New Rochelle, New York reduces risk even more because most CNC machines are equipped with quality assurance protection measures built within them. As a result, any time there is a problem in the production process, the machine detects it and either shuts down to prevent further problems or fixes the issue internally.

The precision CNC machining team here at Excell Solutions can help turn your great ideas into great products. Our engineering department will work with you to troubleshoot and fine tune your design for maximum manufacturing efficiency to save you time and money. We can recommend materials and either work from your CAD drawings or help you to write up production specifications for your prototype. Once your final design is tested and complete we’ll produce the parts of the finished product to meet your timetable and budget.

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