Precision Machining for Hampton, New HampShirePrecision machining is all about using a variety of machines to accurately remove material from raw stock, shaping it into a product or component that can be assembled into a more complex product or system.

At Excell Solutions, we can provide unmatched precision machining for Hampton, New HampShire, including turning, milling, and drilling:

  • Turning uses equipment such as lathes to spin the material against a cutting tool
  • Milling uses a rotating cutting tool called an endmill to cut the material
  • Drilling uses a rotating cutter, usually a drill press but sometimes a CNC mill or lathe to create or refine holes in the material

Lathe machines are most commonly used for creating circular components. Using a single point tool mounted on its axis, a lathe performs precision machining processes such as threading, knurling, facing, turning or sanding.

Milling machines make shapes like squares, convex, slotted, rectangles, and much more. Hampton, New HampShire precision machining is ideal for creating virtually any hole shape in subtractive manufacturing. Precise holes can be made using specific attachments for the part to be made. A versatile tool, the mill can be a small machine that mounts on a table or a large one that sits on the floor.

The expert Hampton, New HampShire precision machining team here at Excell can help turn great ideas into great products with precision machining for Hampton, New HampShire. Our engineering department will work with you to troubleshoot and fine tune your design for maximum manufacturing efficiency to save you time and money with precision machining for North Hampton, New HampShire. We can recommend materials and either work from your CAD drawings or help you to write up production specifications for your prototype. Once your final design is tested and complete we will produce the parts of the finished product to meeting your timetable and budget.

For over a quarter century, Excell Solutions has been providing Hampton, New HampShire with precision machining. From troubleshooting the initial design to delivering a perfectly machined product, our highly skilled and experienced team will exceed your expectations.

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Scott Valley and Frank Tran
American Science and Engineering Inc.
{Over the last two months, American Science and Engineering has had several programs that required very quick turnaround on many parts. Excell Solutions went above and beyond what we would normally expect from a supplier to ensure our new product development success. Many of these parts were delivered the same day, with most of the more complex parts delivered within a week. It is because your dedication and willingness to do the impossible that we are able to stay on schedule and meet the demanding timelines that we are tasked with. Everyone at American Science and Engineering appreciates your efforts.
{I want to say THANK YOU so very much that just doesn’t express the gratitude I want to convey to you and your team over the past few months. I know since coming on board with Dakota Systems things have been less than easy, shall I say. As you were working over the holiday weekend, my customers as well as myself were also working to get the tools fabricated for test. The work that your team has accomplished in an outstanding & amazing feat. My customer is extremely pleased with your work and more importantly grateful for the time and effort you have put in to launch these 2 systems.
William Rubino
{I just want to say thanks to you, Steve and the great crew at Excell Solutions for your help this past weekend. The turnaround from receiving the PO at 1:33 on Friday and having parts machined and plated in my office at 1:33 on Monday was remarkable. It is a great feeling to know that I can count on a first class organization to pull it all together and have a “does whatever it takes” attitude to help out a customer when all seems hopeless. That level of service is what makes companies like Excell Solutions world class and keeps customers coming back. Again, thanks to the Excell Crew for a job well done.
{I wanted to take a moment and thank you for your help during our startup phase. We have learned heavily on you and your team and you have not disappointed us even on the request that were, frankly, not planned. You have allowed us to be opportunistic and that is what counts when you are a small fish in a big pond. In two weeks we have our big showing and we could not have ready without your services. Please let your team know that we appreciate their efforts, and we look forward to a long prosperous relationship.
Marc Stiller
Terrafugia, Inc.
{I wanted to take this opportunity to specifically call attention to the incredible level of support and customer service that has been provided to Terrafugia over the past 12-18 months and to thank you and the employees of Excell Solutions, and most notably George Kendall. I truly cannot say enough good things regarding the level of customer supports that gas been provided to us by George and all of the employees of Excell Solutions. Thank you again

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